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Van Rentals for the Weekend!

Good morning, all! The weekend is quickly approaching, and we still have van rentals for you! Whether it be for a quick family trip or even something you need for the jobsite (we have Ford Econoline vans!)... We have all the van rentals you need! Stop in this morning, or even give us a call! We'd love to share a cup of coffee with you and get you on the road with a quality van. 
24627 Highway 72 Athens, AL 35613


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Sprinter and 15 passenger Vans

Sprinter Passenger Van Rentals Serving Huntsville, and Surrounding Areas

Need a fun and comfortable way to take your family sightseeing around and outside of Alabama? Does your business need transportation for a corporate meeting or other outings? With McCurry Van and Car rentals in Athens Al, you can travel with large groups in comfort and style.

For more than 3 decades, the McCurrys have been in the rental and car business and have provided reliable equipment vans and cars to businesses, residents, and travelers throughout the Southeast. Our team knows how difficult it is to travel with large groups so we fight hard to find a van to fit your needs financially and comfort wise. .

If you need a large van for a corporate or private excursion, check out our selection. We are sure to have a van that fits your specific needs. Reserve today Huntsville. 

Texas Flood Van Rental Help and Fleet Upgrades

Good afternnon!  McCurry Van and Car Rentals is excited to announce that we are expanding our fleet.  It is Labor Day weekend, the start of college football, and the weather is finally cooling off, but most the most important thing going on today, also having to do with the weather is our fellow Americans in Texas are struggling right now with the massive flooding in East, South, Texas and the entire Houston area.  Hurricane Harvey has come through and devastate East Texas and the Houston area.  The Tropical Storm hit over a week ago and the flooding is still massive.  Relief and aid has been sent the nation is doing their best to assist Texas, and an incredible amount of solidarity and support has been shown by the entire state of Texas as they support their fellow Texans.  

Hurricane relief, Flood relief, and Tropical Storm relief from Hurricane / Tropical Storm Harvey is being sent and supplied at an unprecedented pace with an outpouring of support especially from the affected areas fellow Texans.  Evacuation has been difficult and many people will be without vehicles and more importantly homes for quite some time.  As things calm down and the destruction is becoming more apparent and we can get more information, people will begin to realize whether they can just go back home, will need repairs, or if they have lost everything.  This is not a time to exploit, as a few store owners have done by jacking up the price of gas over 8$.  Charging 50$ for a case of water.  

This is why we are hoping to offer our assistance buy supplying our 10 12 15 passenger vans to transport people to safe places and help evacuate if needed.  We also have our mini vans, SUVs, and other cars available for rent at our discounted prices.  Most of our car rentals, SUV rentals, and mini van rentals are all under 100$ days and discounted per week.  Our Ford passenger vans and Mercedes Sprinter Vans can help move 10 people 12 people and 15 people comfortably, safely, and efficiently.  We also have cargo vans other possible solutions.  If you are looking for 12 people van rental, 15 people van rental, or even 10 people van rental just visit our website at www.McCurryRentals.com and book today and we will take care of the rest.  If you are dealing with water damage or flood damage and have an insurance claim, you may need to rent a car for some time.  We can help with this.  We have several Nissan Rogues if you do not have a large family and need a car or vehicle that is a little better on gas.  Our Chevrolet Suburban Rentals are great for moving luggage and belongings as well as a larger family up to 7-8 people comfortably.  We also have our mini van rentals that can be used to help move a large family and their belongings.

If you are in Texas our prayers are with you and if we can do anything to help you just contact us at www.McCurryRentals.com and we will do our best to assist you in this trying times. 

God Bless Texas and Happy Labor Day,
McCurry Van and Car Rental