Summer Vacation Van Rental Specials

Huntsille, AL and Athens, AL summer is finally here and school will be out soon!  At McCurry Van and Car Rental we are ready to supply the van or car rental for all of your summer vacations or special events.  If you have a big trip or travels planned this summer be sure to check with us at www.McCurryRentals.com or 256 230 0232 for Athens, AL van and car rentals or 256 713 0575 for Huntsville, AL van and car rentals.  We have expanded our inventory recently with new cars, vans, passenger vans, and sprinter vans to accomodate our growing customer base and still be ready to supply all of our potential customers with the perfect rental.  

If  your not sure which vehicle is right for you, or if you know exactly what you need it does not matter, just give us a call at 256 230 0232 for Athens and 256 713 0575 for Huntsville, or visit our website at www.McCurryRentals.com to check availability or just look at our inventory of rental vehicles( https://mccurryrentals.com//newandusedcars.aspx?clearall=1 ).  The bottom line is we will fit your needs this summer!

Give us a call or visit our website and make this summer a simple one as well as one to remember!

Thank you!
McCurry Van and Car Rentals

In a Wreck? Need a Rental Car? Check out our Eco

Huntsville, AL have you recently had a fender bender?  Is your care getting a warranty recall?  Do you need a great  rate on an economy rental vehicle to get you through your vehicles down time?  Look no further then McCurry Van and Car Rentals!  We are your one stop shop for everything van rental and car rental.  Visit our website at www.McCurryRentals.com and check out the rates on our economy car rentals!  We have great pricing and no hassle rentals.  You can also call us at 256 230 0006 to check our availability and rates. 

If you need a car rental to get you through you trying times whether it be a rental for a car wreck, a rental for a warranty recall, or just general maintenance let us assist you in making it as easy as possible.

Look forward to seeing you soon!
McCurry Van and Car Rental

Van rentals

Do you have a meeting upcoming and need a van to transport your staff from location to location? Call us or reserve online today. We have rental passenger vans to meet all sizes of groups as well as rental vans at different prices. You need a discount rental van reserve today!! Do you want a luxury rental van? Rent a van today at McCurry Van and Car Rental.

Van and Car rental

In Huntsville, AL McCurry Van and Car Rental is striving to provide the best van rental, car rental, and SUV rental experience in the state.  We are offering competitive pricing and premium vehicles to rent.  There are several different types of rental vehicles we are offering.  

The 15 passenger Van Rental we offer comes in two different vehicles.  First is the 2017 Ford Transit Passenger Van.  It is a 15 person rental that comfortably holds 15 passengers including driver.  We also have the Chevrolet Express that will hold 15 people and is the typical van you think of when you think of a large passenger van.  

Our 12 passenger vans consist of Ford Transit Van Rental, and also our favorite 2016 Mercedes Sprinter Van Rentals.  Both of these rentals comfortably carry 12 people for a 12 person van rental. 

We also offer Suburban Rentals that are a quality SUV if you only need room for 5 people or 7 people.  As well as our Mini Vans that hold 5-7 people. 

If you just need a car rental to travel or need a vehicle for a few days, Our Nissan Rogue Rental is cheap and a great option.

Whatever your need, we can fill it for you just let us know at McCurry Van and Car Rentals.  www.McCurryRentals.com

Car in shop need a rental car

Car in the shop and need a rental car? Ask for a discount for rental while your car is getting repaired? Huntsville Al  We want your rental car business.

Christmas Van Rentals

Christmas is less then 2 weeks away and family get togethers, vacations and travel will be ramping up quick as we get closer to the Christmas Eve.  One of the biggest travel Holidays is about to be upon us and McCurry Van and Car Rentals is ready to help make your Holidays a stress free as possible.  If you are planning to travel for the upcoming Holidays let us help, we have van rentals and car rentals to fit every need.  Our new fleet consists of Toyota Corolla sedan rentals, Nissan Rogue compact SUV rentals, Suburban and Yukon full size SUV Rentals, Mercedes 12 passenger Sprinter vans, Ford Transit Vans, 15 passenger vans and many more.  If your

Our Reservations will fill up quickly so be sure to head to our website at www.McCurryRentals.com to pick out the right van or car rental for you and book your reservation or call 256 230 0232 to speak with one of our professional rental agents. 

Use Keyword "x-mas blog" to get 5% off of your rental this Holiday season at McCurry Van and Car Rentals for reservations until New Years Eve, 12/31/2017.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from,

McCurry Van and Car Rentals

Holliday Van Rental in Huntsville, Alabama

Happy Hollidays!

Halloween, and Thanksgiving have come and gone but now Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is quickly preparing for this yearly celebration.  Hollidays are our busiest times and reservations book quick.  Both of our locations, Huntsville, and Athens, AL can provide whatever van and car rental you might need.  Reservations fill up quickly over especially for Holliday and big weekends so visit visit our site www.McCurryRentals.com or call us at 256 230 0232 to book your reservation today.  We require Credit Card, Drivers License and Proof of Insurance.  

Whatever your transportation needs may be we have you covered at McCurry Van and Car Rental.  We provide everything form car rentals like our fleet of 2017 Toyota Corollas that are great on gas to 15 people Ford Transit passenger vans and everything in between.  12 people Mercedes Sprinter Vans, 12 passenger Ford Transits, Eco Line 10 and 12 passenger vans, Tahoes, Suburbans, and mini vans.  

If you need Holliday Transportation pick McCurry Van and Car Rental and let us take care of  you this Holliday season!

Happy Hollidays,
McCurry Van and Car Rental

Holiday Van Rentals

McCurry Van & Car Rental would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We appreciate all of our holiday van and car renters business and hope you all have safe travels. We all have plenty to be thankful for and we at McCurry Van & Car rental are thankful for all of our loyal renter customers. We have added additional suv and mini vans and cars to our fleet and hope to continue growing and filling Huntsville and Athens car rental needs!!!  

Veterans Day 2017

Veterans Day is less then a week away and we are as busy as ever at McCurry Van and Car Rentals!  

FIrst off we would like to personally thank each and every member of our great nations Armed Forces, past and present, veterans and active duty.  Without these great service men our lives would never be as good as they are today.  The sacrifices made by these great men and women will never be taken lightly and will always appreciated to the fullest.  Veterans day is one of the most important days of the entire year as we acknowledge and appreciate the courage, honor and sacrifices made by these incredible men and women.  We should all do our best to remember these incredible men and women not just one day of the year, but every single day because everyday we get to enjoy the lives we live because of these men and women.

Veterans day is a celebration of and appreciation for the servicemen and women that have served our country and protected us at all times.  Ceremonies and parties will be taking place all over the nation.  With this big day coming up soon, McCurry Van and Car Rental is ready to provide the best car rental, van rental, or passenger van rental service you can find in North Alabama, Huntsville, Athens, Decatur, Cullman and Florence.  Our Sprinter Van Rentals are a great way to transport 12 people in style and comfort with our 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans.  We also have 15 people passenger van rentals, 12 people passenger van rentals, and 10 people passenger van rentals with several different options.  We even have diesel options available.  For a smaller size group we have our SUV Rental.  If you need the extra space of an SUV we have great Suburban Rentals and Denali Rentals!  Our mid size SUV is our 2016 Nissan Rogue's these mid size or compact SUV Rentals are great for smaller groups that will also receive great gas mileage and are perfect for long distance travel with a group of 3-5.  If size is not an issue and you just need a car for your driving needs, our brand new 2017 Toyota Corollas are a perfect rental choice.  The 2017 Toyota Corollas are all brand new, under 1,000 miles, receive 30+ miles per gallon on the highway and make a great car rental for travels.  If you have any other needs or if there is anything we can help you with just call us at 256 230 0232 and speak with one of our car and van rental specialist who will find the perfect van or car rental for you.  

Just check out our website at www.McCurryRentals.com and book your reservation today, or call us at 256 230 0232 and one of our professional rental agents will be glad to assist you!

Active and Retired Military members ask us about our 10% discount and mention this blog.

Once again we would like to thank our Veterans for their service and hope everyone has a safe Veterans Day Weekend.
Thanks again,
McCurry Van and Car Rental
Huntsville, AL Athens, AL